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🎉 What Recruits are saying about postcards!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Take it from recent Marine recruit Jae' Lynn when she says,

" I loved getting postcards from home during boot camp! During recruit training, mail time is the best time! Those postcards not only brought warmth and comfort, but they were a tangible reminder of the love and support waiting for me back home."

Benefits of sending postcards:

  • Send your heartfelt messages through our postcards, which are dispatched via USPS Express or Federal Express three times a week.

  • Personalize them using your own cherished photos, or choose from our extensive collection of images.

  • Each card is printed on durable 14pt card stock, featuring a glossy front that makes every image pop.

  • And the best part? Your purchased credits for sending these postcards will NEVER EXPIRE.

Whether you're sending love to a military base or a civilian address, we've got you covered. (How to send a postcard to my recruit or plebe)

SPECIAL OFFER: $1.00 per postcard (up to 50 postcards)

For those who are interested in using this service, here are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. Customization: The ability to personalize the postcard with a photo and message means that recruits will receive a unique piece of home, something that can boost their morale.

  2. Convenience: Not having to go to a store, purchase a card, find a stamp, and mail it off is a huge benefit for busy families. An online platform that handles these steps can simplify the process greatly.

  3. Priority Mail: Knowing that the postcard will be sent via priority mail can reassure senders that their message will arrive promptly.

  4. Security: It's always important to ensure the platform you're using respects your privacy and has the necessary security measures in place, especially when sending personal messages and photos.

Check out this 🤩 great deal! Your first card is always FREE and you can use the PROMO CODE: POSTCARDS to save 20% off monthly subscriptions.

Start by sending a FREE military branch postcard to your loved one!

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