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Recruit Graduation Travel Discounts

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Military families and friends deserve travel benefits! Book your graduation hotel early and save using Plan ahead for that upcoming graduation and secure your hotel at a discounted rate through

On average, families reserve 3-4 hotels annually to spend time with their beloved service members. Make each visit count by getting the best deals with Our Heroes Travel.

How it works:

Powered by Priceline's club prices families can now access member only hotel rates saving up to 50% off.

Step 1: Visit your branch travel page:

Step 2: Become a Military Club Member (special rate $9.99 per year for unlimited discount bookings)

Step 3: Search and reserve your hotel for graduation or any other travel.

Step 4: Share with your recruit once they graduation so they can save!

Register your recruit for a Club Membership so they can save on their leisure travel. (use recruit's email).

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