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🧁 Cupcakes vs. Postcards

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Is your home starting to feel like a 🧁 cupcake factory as you stress-bake your way through your recruit's time at boot camp? Trust us, we get it! Nothing like a good cupcake to sweeten up the nervous wait, right?

But here's a thought to chew on – while we can't send your homemade cupcakes to boot camp (trust us, we've tried, and the mess in the mail was... interesting), we CAN send a heartwarming postcard!

We bet you're not the only one wishing you could send a bite of home to your loved one. But let's face it, while cupcakes are delicious, they don't travel well. But guess what does? Your love, support, and words of encouragement on a good ol' fashioned postcard! Monday Delivery prints-stamps-and mails for you using USPS Express mail 3x a week.

So put down the frosting and grab a pen. Let your recruit know how proud you are, how much you miss them, and maybe even share a funny cupcake mishap story. Who knows? It might just make them laugh as hard as you did at the great Cupcake-Mail-Disaster of [Year].

Click here to send your recruit a postcard that's sweeter than any cupcake – and guaranteed not to create a mess in the mail! New to MondayDelivery?

Stay sweet, and keep those postcards coming!

P.S. If you figure out how to mail a cupcake without it turning into abstract art, let us know! Until then, happy postcard writing! 🧁

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