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Semper Fi! Your USMC Recruit provided your contact information so we could let you know how to send postcards and letters. Your recruit can't wait to hear from you.

Benefits of sending postcards:

  • OPSEC & PERSEC compliant

  • 14 pt glossy card stock

  • Express mail with tracking

  • Upload up to 4 photos

  • Holiday & inspirational images

Benefits of sending letters:

  • OPSEC & PERSEC compliant

  • 2 Pages letters

  • Upload up to 3 color photos

  • Express mail with tracking

  • Secure Stamped Envelope

Choose a postcard Style



1 Photo


3 Photos


4 Photos


2 Photos

Classic Skyscraper

2 Photos

What families are saying.

Create an Account

 Register and receive a free postcard credit plus access to member discounts.


Add Name & Address

Manage all your contacts in one place. Add a recruit, military, or residential address.


Add a Photo(s)

You can upload four photos per postcard or pick from our collection of inspirational images.


How it works.


Write a message

Words of affirmation and support will motivate your loved ones and keep them strong & courageous. 


We print & mail your card

Mail Time!!!!

Postcards are delivered securely to your loved ones, who will cherish and save them for a lifetime. 

Postcards are printed and mailed 3x per week. Recruit cards arrive within 1-2 business days w/tracking.

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