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The 12-Days of 🎄Christmas at Boot Camp

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

The Drill Instructor may not be shouting HO, HO, HO but rest assured, they are the closest thing to Santa Claus your recruit will see this year. The new red is green camouflage, and the favorite holiday jingle is the military cadence (left, right, left, right).

🎄Holiday Postcard Specials

Celebrating the holidays in boot camp can be a challenge, but recruits can still enjoy a little cheer with some creative thinking. And a bit of cheer from a holiday postcard (see Recruit 12 Days of Christmas version below).

There is still time to send a Holiday postcard to your recruit or loved one. Visit to choose from our holiday postcard collection. We print, stamp, and express mail to your recruit. Postcards are delivered 3x a week via USPS Express.

🎄Holiday Specials:

The traditional holiday song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, goes a little differently at boot camp.

On the 1st Day of boot camp, the military gave me:

  • A boot camp haircut

  • 2nd Day, two black boots

  • 3rd Day, three square meals

  • 4th Day, four hats (covers)

  • 5th Day, five hours of sleep

  • 6th Day, six skivvy shorts

  • 7th Day, seven hours of notes

  • 8th Day, eight miles to run

  • 9th Day, nine big fat blisters

  • 10th Day, ten hours of marching

  • 11th Day, 11 general orders

  • 12th Day, 12 hours of scrubbing floors

Don't worry too much! The best Christmas present this year is earning the title of a United States Service Member.

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