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Sending Cookies to your Recruit

Sending your recruit a box of chocolate chip cookies might sound like a good idea, but think again. What you can send or not send to your recruit often depends on your recruit's drill instructor and specific branch. But you will usually be limited to basic letters and postcards.

Enjoy our live Q&A and learn from our experience the best practices on sending mail to your recruit.


  • OPSEC/PERSEC - protecting your recruit

  • Finding your Recruit Addresses

  • Best Practices in sending mail

  • Things to Avoid (and not send)

  • How to send letters

  • How to send postcards

Delivery Dates for postcards and Letters:

  • Submit by Wednesday for a Monday Delivery

  • Submit by Sunday for a Wednesday Delivery

  • Submit by Tuesday for a Friday Delivery


*The views and opinions of Monday Delivery LLC are their own. The above content and video are not officially endorsed by DoD or the military commands. Your recruit or active-duty service member is always the best source of information.

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