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Recruit Mail Call Schedule

Three things motivate a recruit: EAT, SLEEP, and MAIL TIME. Although families & friends can’t control the first two, they can ensure their recruit’s name is yelled out at mail call each night.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Francisco Abundes, USMC Parris Island

Postcard Delivery Schedule:

Monday Delivery postcards are expressed mailed three times per week (see schedule below) to recruit training. Cards arrive directly at the on-base military post office and are normally distributed within 24 hours (not including weekends).

Recruit Postcard Delivery Schedule (submit by 12 midnight EST):

  • Submit by Wednesday for a Monday Delivery

  • Submit by Sunday for a Wednesday Delivery

  • Submit by Tuesday for a Friday Delivery

(Professionally printed on glossy 14pt postcard stock and sent to your recruit)

For most families, writing to a service member is new and confusing. Over the past 17 years, most of your recruits have used text messages, video calls, and emails to communicate. During the next 9-12 weeks, technology will take a back seat to the old-fashioned snail mail.

During the weeks of recruit training, one of the most encouraging moments for recruits is opening their first letter from home.

“Mail is a good encouragement that reinforces the recruits – someone back home is thinking of them,” said Sgt. Walt Krueger, a USMC senior drill instructor.

Recruits receive letters from family or friends at the end of the day during mail call. Mail call is often a way for recruits to get away from the wear and tear of training and find encouragement from loved ones.