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Military Vendor of the Month

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

NAVY BOOT CAMP 101 recognizes as their October Vendor of the Month! Monday Delivery has delivered over 100,000 postcards to recruits and veterans in all branches of the armed services. was built on a simple philosophy – spreading encouragement through postcards. CEO, founder and U.S.M.C Veteran Andrew Appleton started his postcard business during the pandemic. “I was constantly asked by families what they could send to their recruit to motivate them. That’s when I thought of postcards.”

Postcards are a long-standing military tradition as service members deployed worldwide from port to port. And of course, mail call is a crucial part of recruit training for morale and remembering those who love you.

Andrew loves providing families with an easy and affordable way to send postcards to their loved ones. Postcards can be created within minutes, from your phone or computer. Monday Delivery prints and ships them to all recruit mailrooms for a 1-2 day delivery.

We print our postcards on thick, top-quality card stock with a slick, glossy finish on the front, so recruits can keep them forever. Families can upload their photos or choose from a variety of images.